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Conferences and meetings are great ways to make connections, collaborate, and build community around sustainability. GreenEducation.US offers the same opportunities without the financial and environmental costs of travel and time away from work.


With so many changes happening in legislation, processes, and technology, we created a better way to connect professionals and provide training. GreenEducation.US is the perfect solution for those who are new to the field as well as seasoned professionals looking to grow into new areas.

Sustainable Resource Management

GreenEducation.US offers online learning for sustainable resource management professionals.

GreenEducation.US connects industry renowned experts in the fields of Zero Waste, sustainable resource management, recycling, waste reduction, reuse, and composting with individuals and businesses around the world. Through innovative online instruction and cutting-edge experts, GreenEducation.US can deliver modularized training that meets the needs of all training schedules.

California Public Benefit Corporation

GreenEducation.US is a partnership operating according to the standards of a California Public Benefit Corporation (B-Corp).

B-corps are a new form of entity established in California in 2012 for organizations that measure success by a triple bottom line that includes social, environmental, and financial sustainability.



GreenEducation.US instructors are industry experts with decades of experience. You'll recognize these worldwide leaders. They are passionate about Zero Waste and passionate about helping you gain the expertise you desire. 


Ruth Abbe

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Rick Anthony

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Sue Beets-Atkinson

matt cotton.JPG

Matt Cotton


Jack DeBell


Joan Edwards

Natalie Sit.JPG

Natalie Lessa


Judi Gregory

Gary Liss photo (7-1-13).jpg

Gary Liss


Bob Hollis


Jonathan Levy


Michael Siminitus


Leslie Lukacs


MaryEllen Etienne


Heidi Sanborn

Headshot 2016 Portia.JPG

Portia Sinnott


“The diversity of the courses has been truly beneficial for my career as a sustainability manager. I was able to take each course and put it into practice, but also help my team gain a better understanding of the importance of our jobs. Judi and the instructors were very responsive to my questions and always willing to help.” 

Crystal Lomeli 



Our Students

GreenEducation.US students includes seasoned experts looking to expand their waste reduction programs and build their careers and new entrants to the field seeking the fundamentals. Recycling coordinators, Sustainability Managers, Green Team Leaders, Waste Reduction Coordinators, Facilities Managers, Haulers, Zero Waste Consultants, have all found the training they need and the network they've been looking for.


Current students access your online courses.


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