Creatively Diverting Commodities from the Waste Stream

Where there is a will, there is a way. Learn how large corporations and institutions are finding creative ways to reduce waste and environmental impacts by recycling the “unrecyclable”. Hear from speakers including World Centric, Terracycle and Cintas on how they've managed to take their recycling programs to the next level.

Annie Davis, World Centric - Food service dishware and cutlery comes in all forms, including, reusable, disposable, recyclable and compostable. The speaker will share her expertise on which types of food serviceware work best for establishments looking to reduce disposal and create effective recycling and composting programs.

Meg Hilber, Terracycle - What should you do with items that don’t “fit” into your local recycle program? Items like disposable gloves, K Cups, chip bags, candy wrappers and more can pose a problem for facility diversion. Terracycle will discuss options to recycle items that don’t typically have a home.

Krista Jaeger, Cintas - Cintas does many things, but is typically known for laundering and uniform repair services. Krista will share some interesting data on the waste reduction and recycling aspect of utilizing these services versus using disposable counterparts. She will also explain how to track waste reduction of these items on your tracking reports.

Creatively Diverting Commodities from the Waste Stream