Incorporate Reuse into any Organization

Whether for its intended use or an alternative use, re-use of materials is a popular and cost-effective strategy for waste management in any business. A little bit of planning and solution-oriented thinking can extend the life of your materials and redefine your waste generation cycle.

Kim Wynes and Josh Brown , CBRE - Setting up reuse of office and electronic supplies in large facilities is possible. Our speakers explain how they have been able to justify a large scale reuse program that includes items such as books and monitors and everything in between.

Spencer Silverstein, City of Thousand Oaks - Learn how a large pharmaceutical company is utilizing minimums and maximums to streamline purchasing, eliminate excessive clutter and reduce waste.

Stefan Gertlicz - Tesla - How does the 5S process allow Tesla to reuses everything from screws/bolts to printers and fans. Mr. Gertlicz will explain the process and how Tesla obtained the space and encouraged participation from the employees.

Incorporate Reuse into any Organization


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