Leveraging Digital Outreach to Address Contamination

With the advent of the National Sword, the entire waste industry is experiencing a renewed impetus to educate our communities about recycling. There’s no getting around it: If you don’t provide ample outreach on the front end, you’ll end up paying for contamination on the back end. The question then becomes, how do you conduct the best outreach? A multi-pronged approach is always optimal, but in this era of ubiquitous mobile devices, digital outreach must be the cornerstone of any educational effort.

Webinar participants will:

  • Learn industry-specific data on who’s online (Spoiler Alert: Almost Everyone) and how people are using digital platforms to access and receive recycling information
  • Discover new strategies for reaching your audience on the web and mobile
  • Explore the pros and cons of using mobile apps, email newsletters and social media
  • Review real-world statistics about the efficacy of search engine optimization and online ads
  • Hear a case study first-hand from a city where residents are seeking information via Nextdoor, email, and other digital channels

Presenters: Emily Coven (The Recyclist) and Kendra Bruno (City of Napa)

Leveraging Digital Outreach to Address Contamination