Tracking What Doesn't Exist: The Waste Reduction Dilemma

Waste reduction is no doubt the best way to reduce unnecessary costs and avoid disposal, but it can really wreak havoc on your diversion reporting. If you're tracking recycling and Zero Waste activities, you may have scratched your head a few times wondering why your diversion remains stagnant despite your efforts. It could be that waste reduction is the culprit. This session will focus on identifying creative waste reduction programs and how to properly track them for maximum diversion credit.

Who should attend? Recycling or sustainability coordinators responsible for tracking and reporting waste diversion and recycling programs should attend this session. Individuals will learn techniques to capture all the data necessary for accurate accounting of Zero Waste efforts, including how to monetize associated savings.

This session is moderated by Judi Gregory. Judi is the President of Go2Zero Strategies, a California based consulting firm that specializes in Zero Waste programs for businesses and communities. She has helped hundreds of businesses implement successful Zero Waste efforts and ensure that reporting accurately reflects the correct waste diversion. Judi is also the founder of GreenEducation.US and works to develop creative training solutions for professionals working in solid waste and recycling.

Panelists include Sue Beets-Atkinson, SBM Management, and Kadamia Hubbard, Los Angeles Convention Center.

Tracking What Doesn't Exist: The Waste Reduction Dilemma