What Actually Happens With Hard to Recycle Plastics?

A Conversation with TerraCycle and Avangard Innovative


When it comes to the “hard to recycle items” there are few choices available. In the last few years though, some innovative recycling companies have come on the scene promising to divert these plastics from the landfill and into new products. 


Consumers and corporations are curious--how is it now possible to recycle these previously unrecyclable items? What’s really happening? Can we trust that all the source separating and additional costs are “worth it”? Transparency is needed...this webinar is just the start.


TerraCycle and Avangard Innovative will provide insight into their respective processes, including how contamination and residual waste items are handled. Both organizations will answer questions specific to their programs.


Your Host: Sue Beets-Atkinson, Senior Director of Sustainability at SBM Management.


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What Actually Happens With Hard to Recycle Plastics?