Zero Waste Economics

This course provides an introduction to the Economics of Zero Waste. It is the third in the series "Introduction to Zero Waste." Purchase the bundle of all 3 classes for $100, or individually at $59/course. This is a 2-hour live, virtual course.


Course Description:

Understand various economic issues required to successfully implement Sustainable Resource Management and how Zero Waste can work to grow local economies.


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

• Identify 3 incentives that communities can adopt to stimulate generators, haulers, processors and/or disposal facilities to reduce wasting and increase reuse, recycling and composting

• Describe how to harness the avoided costs of garbage collection and disposal as the engine of change for Zero Waste

• Examine how a garbage rate structure can incentivize waste reduction.


Instructor: Ruth Abbe


To purchase the series, look for "Introduction to Zero Waste" in the catalog. This course will be included in the bundled purchase.

Zero Waste Economics