GreenEducation.US Presents...

Sue Beets-Atkinson discusses what actually happens with the hard-to-recycle plastics collected by Terracycle and Avangard Innovative with CEOs Tom Szaky and Rick Perez.

Alina Bekkerman, Nic Esposita and Dr. Natalie Hallinger of Litterati discuss new technologies that enable community engagement and never-before-possible data capturing that enable policy change.

Chrise de Tournay leads a panel on Zero Waste Entrepreneurship. Hear about process and profitability from 3 successful ZW business leaders: Max Wechsler-Urban Ore, Stephanie, and Vanessa Pope-MudLabOak and For Here, Please.

Chrise de Tournay shares her experience in drafting and passing ordinances to decrease the proliferation of single-use plastics--reducing litter and building zero waste communities.

Mark Gagliardi demonstrates how Sustainable Materials Management and Zero Waste are key to addressing climate disruption. This webinar is offered in memory of Mark's leadership and so that his legacy will continue to inspire us all.


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