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Introduction to EPR

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This course takes an in-depth look at Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Product Stewardship.

By end the course, you'll know:

-Whether “True EPR” or “Product Stewardship”would be the most appropriate program for a specific problematic waste stream type.

·  What details matter most in crafting either state legislation or local ordinances to establish requirements for EPR or Product Stewardship.

-How to avoid unintended consequences when establishing these programs.

-Who benefits most when establishing either an EPR or Product Stewardship program.


The course will examine existing programs in the United States and abroad and how effective they are in reducing the impacts of problematic products on state and local government resources and on the environment as a whole.


You'll have lots of opportunities to ask questions and discuss issues and receive an extensive list of resources for further study.


Introduction to EPR

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