Landing a Job in Sustainability

Next session starts April 19th!


This course includes virtual meetings with job-seeking experts, collaboration with fellow job seekers, and professional review of your resume, cover letter, and other professional correspondence with target hiring managers and a mini-mock interview. 


You'll Get:

  • Strategies to optimize your search time. You need to direct your efforts to positions and companies that are the best fit for you, we'll show you how.

  • An updated and professionally reviewed resume and cover letter. 

  • Jumpstart networking. Customizable email scripts and a plan, You'll leave the course with new contacts and confidence. 

  • Search Engine Optimization Tips that will take your application to the next level.

  • Interview tips and practice with a professional.

  • One month free access to Sustainability Job Network, a job search and networking site for sustainability professionals.


Landing a Job in Sustainability


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