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Prioritizing Employee Wellness in a COVID-19 Era

“Prioritizing Employee Wellness in a COVID-19 Era: Focus on Solid Waste and Recycling Workforce"


Employee safety has long been a top priority in the solid waste and recycling industry. But what about employee Wellness?  The industry has been heavily impacted since the onset of COVID-19.  Drivers and MRF personnel are coping with long hours and handling excess waste, high volumes of used personal protective gear, and disposable packaging.  Call center staff are taking a higher volume of calls from frustrated and struggling businesses.  Concerns with contracting COVID-19 and keeping family members safe from workplace exposure may be affecting morale and mental health.


In this webinar, Workplace Wellness Expert Natasha Stromberg will take you through the basic principles of Employee Wellness and show how implementing a simple Workplace Wellness program can not only support and help your Employees but lead to greater productivity, innovation, loyalty, and motivation.


Sustainability is not just about ‘things', it’s also about people and when your people are happy and engaged at work your business is automatically more sustainable.


Who should attend? Human resource personnel, supervisors, and managers overseeing collection drivers or MRF sorting personnel, staff that work in the field performing outreach and technical assistance.


What you’ll receive by attending? Natasha will share with you strategies you can implement immediately to improve the Wellness of your employees. She’ll also provide a framework to create a culture of employee Wellness and will send you back to your office with free tools that you can use right now. 

Natasha is a Workplace Wellness expert who has worked with global and local organizations delivering practical and impactful Workplace Wellness programs. Her programs are designed to boost the mental and physical health of Employees driving engagement and productivity through Wellbeing support.  


Natasha understands the practical and financial challenges of the business world and of managing Employees through her 20-year experience in the corporate sector. This is your opportunity as professionals and managers to benefit from both her business and her Workplace Wellness expertise.

Prioritizing Employee Wellness in a COVID-19 Era

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