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Reuse Strategies for Zero Waste Communities

This prerecorded content is available NOW. Discussion section will be October 17 at 11am.


In  "Reuse Strategies for Zero Waste Communities," taught by Amanda Waddle, Ruth Abbe, Chrise de Tournay and Laura Anthony, you will learn practical skills and valuable insights to foster a culture of reuse and contribute to the development of sustainable, zero waste communities. Through engaging presentations, real-life examples, and expert guidance, you will explore a range of effective strategies for reuse ordinances, programs and stores, repair events, and repurposing of valuable resources. Discover the social, economic, and environmental benefits of implementing reuse practices, and gain inspiration from successful zero waste initiatives around the country. 


Take the one-hour course. And then join the discussion with the instructors and your classmates on October 17th!

Reuse Strategies for Zero Waste Communities

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