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CSRMP Testimonials

“The classes and instructors are top rate and very practical for educating our Sustainability Managers. As an employer, training is critical. Utilizing the CSRMP program ensures that employees are exposed to the vital information needed to perform day-to-day tasks.”


 Sue Beets-Atkinson
Employer and Instructor

I've been training Zero Waste consultants for more than 20 years and recommend the CSRMP. It's the only program available that equips professionals for their current and future challenges.


Cynthia Vant Hul

Employer-Los Angeles


"This course has helped me become knowledgeable in zero waste, sustainable resource management, and California recycle policies, to just name a few of the concepts I learned [from] the program. It has enabled me to understand the challenges our customers [face] today and has helped me provide solutions for them. I would recommend this program to anyone in the sustainability, waste management or facilities professions."

Jared Rivera

Regional Operations Manager-Los Angeles

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