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Amanda Waddle Headshot_edited.jpg

Amanda Rice Waddle lives in Gainesville, FL, where she is the Director of Zero Waste at The Repurpose Project (RP) and Director of Zero Waste Gainesville (ZWG). RP is a nonprofit organization that aims to divert usable materials to help the planet and people. RP has two stores in Gainesville that sell used items, such as office supplies, tools, household items, arts and crafts, furniture, building materials, and kitchen cabinets, to the community. Amanda works to advance Zero Waste throughout Gainesville and Alachua County through her work with K-12 schools, small businesses, and events. Amanda has first-hand experience creating Zero Waste communities and expanding Reuse policies, programs, and infrastructure through her work at RP. Amanda is also a Program Manager at Zero Waste USA and works as a consultant creating Zero Waste plans for communities and institutions.  

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