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Jack DeBell 

Development Director

University of Colorado Recycling Services


BAS Environmental Studies, Organizational Management, University of Colorado, 1984


  • Work-Study Recycling Employee, University of Colorado 1979-1984

  • Program Specialist/Director, University of Colorado Recycling Services, 1985-2000

  • Development Director, University of Colorado Recycling Services, 2000-present


Task Forces/Advisory Boards

  • Boulder County Resource Conservation Advisory Board, 2005-present

  • Chair, Boulder County Resource Conservation Advisory Board. 2006-2007

  • Special Liaison, National Recycling Coalition Board of Directors. 2006-present

  • Steering Committee, College and University Recycling Council. 1993-2008

  • State Waste Diversion Advisory Committee, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority. 1/94-6/95

  • Board of Directors, National Recycling Coalition. 10/92-10/94

  • Boulder County Solid Waste Task Force. 9/92-3/94

  • Curriculum Development Committee, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education. 2/90-9/93

  • Technical Advisor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Peer Match Program. 8/88-6/91

  • Citizen Advisory Committee, State of Colorado Environment 2000 Project. 9/87-9/89

  • Boulder County Solid Waste Advisory Committee. 2/85-2/88

Selected Publications

  • “Waste Reduction and Recycling” Blueprint for a Green Campus, University of Colorado. April 2006

  • “Colorado Institutional Food Waste Composting Guide” Colorado Office of Conservation. January 2004

  • “Coming of Age: Recycling on Campus.” Resource Recycling. September 1994

  • “Recycling on the Rise at College Campuses.” Recycle Colorado. October 1993

  • “Waste Reduction and Recycling.” Environmental Management. January 1991 Decision Maker’s Guide for Recycling. Colorado Office of Energy Conservation. January 1990

Selected Presentations & Workshops

  • Hospitality, Events, and Venues, US Zero Waste Business Council, June 2012

  • Characterizing Zero Waste Campuses College and University Recycling Council, September 2010

  • Game Day Challenge, US EPA September 2010

  • National Recycling Congresses, 1988-2008

  • “Recycling and Climate Change”, CU Energy Initiative Forum, 2006

  • “Smart and Sustainable Campuses” Conference, U.S. EPA, 2005

  • Association of Higher Education Officials, Education Institute Faculty, 2003-2006

  • Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, 2005

  • Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. April 1995

  • CU Presidents Leadership Council. October 1993

  • United Nations Environment Programme. July 1993

  • World Recycling Conference. 1991, 1993

  • California Local Government Commission. May 1991

  • Exxon Recycling Forum. April 1991

  • Program Development CU’s Intermediate Processing Facility for Recycling Course Design and Instruction, CU Sustainability Practices Program Computers to Youth: Electronics Reuse and Mentoring Program Green on the Screen: Digital Media Contest

  • RecycleMania Steering Committee National College and University Recycling Council

  • National Standards for Resource Management Professionals Extended Producer Responsibility: Contract Reform Zero Waste Events

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