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Richard V. Anthony began his career in public administration in 1971 as a manager of the California State University Long Beach Recycling Center. He received a MS in public administration in 1974. Mr. Anthony has worked his entire career in environmental program management positions. He is an internationally recognized and published expert in the area of resource management using the Zero Waste systems approach. He has participated in developing Zero Waste plans since 1998.


Richard is a founder and member of the board of directors for the California Resource Recovery Association, the Grassroots Recycling Network, and the Zero Waste International Alliance. In 2009, he participated in the development of Zero Waste Plans for Los Angeles, Austin, Dubuque, and the Island of Hawaii. He is an instructor in the California Resource Recovery Association Certificate Program and board member of the California Resource Management Training Institute.​​

​Zero Waste Experience

  • Organized and spoke at Zero Waste workshops and panels for CRRA, GRRN, NRC, ERF, GAIA, Sierra Club in the United States; and internationally in Canada, China, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, UK, Sweden, Holland, France, Switzerland, and Italy

  • "Zero Waste Plan Del Norte", feasibility study, cluster analysis, voids analysis, and initial planning documents, Gary Liss et al, 1996-8

  • Zero Waste curriculum, San Diego Urban Corps CEO, 1999

  • Zero Waste program implementation for San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Authority, 1998 – present.

  • “Zero Waste Plan for Hong Kong Green Peace “ ILSR, Kelly Lease and Richard Anthony, 2001

  • Organized Zero Waste workshops for Swiss Academy of Science R Series congresses in Geneva 2002; Beijing 2005; Davos 2007; and Nagoya, 2009

  • International Dialogue in San Francisco 2003; Zero Waste Action Workshop in Oakland 2004; Naples, Italy 2009; and Puerto Princesa, Philippines 2009

  • Founding Board Member Zero Waste International Alliance, 2003

  • Authored chapter in Swiss engineering textbook, Ludwig, “Municipal Solid Waste Management” Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: the Zero Waste Approach, 2003

  • Manager for Zero Waste communities, San Bernardino County, 2002 – 2005

  • “Zero Waste Centre Feasibility Study” for the Waveney District of Suffolk County, and Great Yarmouth of Norfolk County, England, 2005 – current

  • Participation in the Zero Waste plans and resource analysis 2006 – current

    • Palo Alto Zero Waste Plan

    • Oakland Zero Waste Plan

    • Los Angeles Zero Waste Plan

    • Austin, Texas Zero Waste Plan

    • Central Vermont (GLA/RAA) Zero Waste implementation planning

    • Carroll County Maryland (RAA/GLA/Jeff Morris) Zero waste analysis

    • State of Delaware Natural Resources and Environmental Control “resource analysis”

    • San Jose Zero Waste Plan

    • Island of Hawaii

    • Dubuque, Iowa