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​Zero Waste Experience

  • Organized and spoke at Zero Waste workshops and panels for CRRA, GRRN, NRC, ERF, GAIA, Sierra Club in the United States; and internationally in Canada, China, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, UK, Sweden, Holland, France, Switzerland, and Italy

  • "Zero Waste Plan Del Norte", feasibility study, cluster analysis, voids analysis, and initial planning documents, Gary Liss et al, 1996-8

  • Zero Waste curriculum, San Diego Urban Corps CEO, 1999

  • Zero Waste program implementation for San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Authority, 1998 – present.

  • “Zero Waste Plan for Hong Kong Green Peace “ ILSR, Kelly Lease and Richard Anthony, 2001

  • Organized Zero Waste workshops for Swiss Academy of Science R Series congresses in Geneva 2002; Beijing 2005; Davos 2007; and Nagoya, 2009

  • International Dialogue in San Francisco 2003; Zero Waste Action Workshop in Oakland 2004; Naples, Italy 2009; and Puerto Princesa, Philippines 2009

  • Founding Board Member Zero Waste International Alliance, 2003

  • Authored chapter in Swiss engineering textbook, Ludwig, “Municipal Solid Waste Management” Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: the Zero Waste Approach, 2003

  • Manager for Zero Waste communities, San Bernardino County, 2002 – 2005

  • “Zero Waste Centre Feasibility Study” for the Waveney District of Suffolk County, and Great Yarmouth of Norfolk County, England, 2005 – current

  • Participation in the Zero Waste plans and resource analysis 2006 – current

    • Palo Alto Zero Waste Plan

    • Oakland Zero Waste Plan

    • Los Angeles Zero Waste Plan

    • Austin, Texas Zero Waste Plan

    • Central Vermont (GLA/RAA) Zero Waste implementation planning

    • Carroll County Maryland (RAA/GLA/Jeff Morris) Zero waste analysis

    • State of Delaware Natural Resources and Environmental Control “resource analysis”

    • San Jose Zero Waste Plan

    • Island of Hawaii

    • Dubuque, Iowa

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